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In today’s rapidly changing not-for-profit ecosystem, organizations are often questionned about their relevancy, their purpose and what social impact are they trying to achieve. Traditional strategic planning processes looking at mission, vision and values rarely address underlying cultural change.

Most social sector organizations and businesses focused on social outcome must have a robust theory of change. Limiting yourself to measure activity and output based social impact gives you only a partial view of your true success.  

Why are we doing what we are doing? Where to play? What to offer? How to win? These four questions are at the heart of organizational strategy. Answering them is one of the chief goals of innovation.

We are proposing to guide organizations through a thorough impact strategy development process, with a theory of change

This process will help your organization to:

  1. Communicate internally and externally about what is required to help reaching the results or the social change your organization is targeting;

  2. Help your staff and collaborators/partners to better identify how their specific work contributes to the overall strategy and thus align everyone's efforts towards objectives that makes sense for them;

  3. Facilitate decision making about resource allocation in order to reach the desired impact;

  4. Help define the indicators that will allow to follow the progress towards reaching the outcomes and the longer term impacts. 

1. Social impact organizational strategy: Services
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