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21st century's organizations are living ecosystems composed of many interacting dimensions that evolve organically over time, depending on the context and their operating environnements.

The ORG ANIKS stands for 5 principles that are fundamental in order for organizations to stay relevant, be socially and environmentally impactful and innovative, whilst navigating complexity: 

  • Agile management systems;

  • Networks in diverse sectors;

  • Intrapreneurs among employees;

  • Knowledge to lead the sector; 

  • Social purpose. 

At The Organiks, our mission is to support organizations to achieve greater social impact. We equip leaders, managers, employees, volunteers and community members with innovative, environment-specific methods and tools so that they can thrive in a context of constant change.

The Organiks project is aiming at making organizations and their staff more innovative and resilient so they remain relevant to the people and the cause they serve, foster multisectorial collaborations and have the right tools and processes to adapt their services to the needs of those at stake. 

Our mission: Parcours
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