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Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Our team leader and Chief Impact Officer (!) is the connector among all the projects supported by the Organiks. She is the contact point with clients; does the assessment and overall diagnosis before proposing a tailor-made intervention to every clients; designs the training material and social innovation tools; makes sure that all services provided to clients are interconnected and leading towards greater social impact in the communities. And what she loves most above all: facilitating collaborations & partnerships, and coaching teams through new innovation processes. 

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Organizational & Innovation leadership coach

Our coach helps our social innovators and entrepreneurs to get clear about what they want to accomplish, to evaluate their desired social impact and prepare a social business model; guide them through the development of their leadership qualities and management skills by overcoming fear, beliefs and behavioural patterns; make connections and build alliances, gain perspective, get feedback, and discover their creative potential.
Thanks to his great listening skills, our coach is the guiding star of the agents of change that work at making this world a better place!

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Service designer

Our service designer is the person who helps us see the solution through new angles. She is good at making things better, seamless and natural. Very real and concrete and even though her work is about people, there’s a fuzzy and playful side that she enjoys very much! She wants to make things better on a higher level. In addition to improving the beneficiaries experience, she also helps our clients to design better organizations. She embraces uncertainty and loves helping people having a lasting social and environmental impact through design methodologies.

Team and collaborators: L'équipe


It was a pleasure working with Violaine for the past years on several projects related to organizational Development in order to support humanitarian intervention, planning, & management. Violaine sees and can address everything from the big picture to details. Creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills. A pragmatic and realistic leader, she can grasp ideas in a holistic manner and still pay attention to minor details. She is known as diligent and personable and a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Violaine is a pleasure to work with. I recommend to anyone who chooses to take benefit from her diverse skills.

Youssef Sfeir, Legal advisor, United Nations

For the first time, I am really impressed by the quality of the work and the dynamics of the group. Bravo and thanks to Violaine! She managed to make our inner self vibrate, and liberate our creativity, to make the child within us speak. We need this free child to be able to innovate socially. For me, it was a moment of great truth, authenticity and collective healing.

Kamal El Kacimi, Participant of Social Innovation capacity building training, February 2020

Violaine is a highly skilled and experienced professional who demonstrated in a recent joint-venture her mastering of efficient training techniques as well as a unique ability to work in an unfamiliar and culturally challenging environment. She is reliable and very pleasant partner with whom I will gladly team-up again on any occasion.

Francis Amar (ICF PCC), Master Coach, Trainer and mediator, Focus Evolution

Violaine is an authentic and empathetic leader, who brings all of the skills and expertise in strategy design for driving social and humanitarian causes to the non profit sector. I had the pleasure of working with Violaine for over 4 years. She is a creative and innovative leader, who has a genuine interest in aligning the human element with business strategy. She leads with a balanced heart and mind. I partnered with Violaine on several team development areas and I witnessed her zest for learning, curious mind and openness to trying new things that leaned her out of her comfort zone. She is meant to elevate the humanitarian and social causes that she believes in to new and innovative heights.

Christine Mack, HR director, Grindstone Capital

Violaine is a dynamic, experienced and innovative facilitator. During civil-military cooperation trainings, in collaboration with the Pearson Center, she kept the interest of all participants by using multiple participative techniques and tangible examples. Participants from all continents managed to understand the principles of cooperation thanks to her multicultural knowledge and ingenuity. She has a keen sense of observation and has improved participants' skills during simulation exercises by offering them different perspectives.

Janie Desjardins, Instructor Peacekeeping operations, CIMIC, Information Operations at J.D. & Associated Peace Strategies

Very good training! Interesting, complete, explicit, instructive and met our expectations, I found that I learned a lot without much effort! 
That shows Violaine's qualities as a facilitator of change...

Abdellah Aangri, participant of Social Innovation capacity building training, February 2020

Team and collaborators: Témoignages
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