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Outcomes are not the only thing to focus on – building the capacity of individuals and organisations is important in bringing about change. This is why social innovators & entrepreneurs coaching is important, as it is a process that supports people involved in influencing people and their environment for the better.

From our work with hundreds of social entrepreneurs and innovators in different parts of the world, we have found that competence, connectedness, confidence and leadership are areas where support is most needed.

Coaching can help the social innovator understand impact from a different perspective, starting with how they are going to judge the progress of their personal development. Coaching looks at their values and how they influence the change they want to make in their life and in other people's lives. And that is already a first step towards impact measurement.

Coaching can help them have better conversations with new investors, with the general public, with stakeholders, who might not directly understand the social issue at stake.

Most successful social innovators see their role not only about giving and receiving but equally about passing on and working towards a common vision with peers and other likeminded people. This is why being part of local and global networks is important to disseminate knowledge and experience, but also to influence the sectors where innovation is most needed. 

Our professional coaches and experienced mentors will suggest appropriate networks to connect with, they will provide insights, support and confidence to the change makers for them to thrive at changing the world!

6. Coaching of social entrepreneurs and innovators: Services
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