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Successful, positive and sustainable social transformations require partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. 

Building successful collaborations requires planning upstream in order to assess the environment, the capacity of the stakeholders involved, their motivations and willingness to share ownership of ideas and collective results. 

Moreover, to undertake collaborations and collective impact initiatives, you need a design process that will give the members of the group guiding principles, as well as an understanding of the different phases and their characteristics. 

Our team can help you build the competence for collective leadership and stakeholder collaboration.

We also facilitate multi-stakeholders partnerships at the systemic level (team, organisation, collaboration ecosystem) by strengthening the collective capacity of collaborating actors to implement dialogic change and to shift towards more co-creation. 

We use a wide range of proven and certified methodologies such as Building partnerships map, People and connections map, The value mapping, The experience map, The collective decisions process, The ORID framework, Collaboration agreement and Collaboration design processes, that will structure the process and give the necessary flexibility to adjust it overtime.  

3. Multi-stakeholders and cross sectoral collaboration: Service
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