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Funders need to rethink their approach and investment strategy for fund allocation. In fact, we are seeing foundations, philanthropists, corporations and individual donors using their wealth in different manners to contribute to the society and their communities in more meaningful and sustainable ways.  

Our team has worked for both non-profits and for private and institutional donors. We are able to translate each other's needs and understand both perspectives very well.   

We can help you decide the level of research your grant warrants based on a number of questions which will help you focus on the most important ones and be efficient with your time (and the potential grantee’s). Should you not want to conduct the due diligence yourself, our experienced team can do it for you. Whether it is looking for references or credentials through our worldwide networks, researching and compiling background information, or conduct site visits, we have a range of options that will suit your needs. 

Our approach is one of bridging and brokering relationships to make sure there is a good and long-lasting match.

We are respectful of the nonprofit's time and resources and our goal is to make the best recommendations on not only whether you should invest and how much, but where the nonprofit most need your support in order to reach the impact with their beneficiaries. 

We make recommendations that will serve both the donor and the grantee, and we help you build a trusting relationship as early as possible in the partnership process.  

4. Philanthropic investment readiness support and due diligence: Service
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